Adult Judo Instructor

Current Rank: Shodan (1nd Degree Black Belt Kodokan Judo)
Favorite Technique: Ouchi Gari
In Judo Since: 1989
NCCP / Referee Status: Working on level one Dojo Assistant
First Aid: Unknown

Ryan Alexander started Judo with me at the early age of 8. Sensei Kevin Ausman was running the children’s judo program at Kiichi-Sai where Ryan started his judo career. Ryan and his brothers trained hard right up to 1995, which is the year I (Sensei Kevin) received my black belt.

While I ran the children’s program, Ryan as well as his brothers fought and won in both regional and provincial tournaments and went on to win in international tournaments as well.

It is said that behind every champion there is a coach, someone that has taken a very keen interest in helping that champion get to the point of the podium, for many of Ryan’s students, and for Ryan’s brothers that person has always been Ryan.

By 1996, Ryan had become a great inspiration for his brothers. Ryan had become more than just a student doing judo. He had started working on his coaching skills and by this time knew the skills he had to teach to make a champion.

At that time I (Sensei Kevin) moved on to a different Dojo (judo school) Ryan stepped up and at first started to help with teaching the judo classes, then running them and ended with the position of head coach of the children’s competitive classes.

Ryan and his brothers have been in the Judo world for as long as I can remember. It is more than just a sport to Ryan; Judo to Ryan is a close-knit family. It shows in the number of judo champions Ryan has helped bring to the podium.

Throughout the years, Ryan has trained many students, and he has invited them into his life, and family. Many of the Judo families that Ryan trained over the years were at his wedding.

Judo to Ryan is self-discipline, self-respect and self-defence. You learn a lot about the art of Judo and about yourself. Ryan considers himself quite fortunate and thankful that his parents put him in Judo when he was so young. He is happy that both of his son’s have now joined in our Judo Family.