Richard Levesque
Ne-Waza Instructor

Current Rank: Shodan
Favorite Technique: Ne-Waza Submissions
In Judo Since: 1976
NCCP / Referee Status:
First Aid:

Sensei Richard started judo in 1976 in North Bay Ontario and became a judoka that liked to travel and train in many different clubs. Richard has a story just like our head instructor sensei Kevin.

Richard was bullied and beat up when he was 5 by a 10 year old boy while visiting family in Timmins after he started judo he never got beat up again.

Sensei Richard took a keen liking to the art of ground work (Ne-Waza) and it came in very handy when he started training at Kiichi-Sai sensei’s Kevin’s first club he started training at in 1972.

Richard stayed with judo for the amazing physical and mental training it offers and just recently came back to teaching to help introduce the awesome sport of Judo to his grandkids.

Judokaa is very fortunate to have sensei Richard with us and sensei Richard is involved now in teaching many different classes.