Current Rank: Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt Kodokan Judo)
Favorite Technique: Tai Otoshi
In Judo Since: 1995
NCCP / Referee Status: Level 1 NCCP certified
First Aid: Unknown

Sensei Matthew Ausman started judo at the ripe age of two and a half, because his father (Kevin) was running the children’s judo classes at Kiichi-Sai. Over the next few years Matthew enjoyed doing judo mostly for the games and activities).

At the age of 6 Matthew had started competing at both a provincial and international level. In 2001 Matthew placed 2nd at the Am-Can held in Buffalo, New York. Over the next few years Matthew continued to fight and win at both the provincial and international level.

Matthew’s judo ambitions came to a climax in 2009 when after competing in 2 provincial qualifying tournaments, qualified to compete in the all Canadians held in Calgary Alberta. Matthew was competing in the U17 minus 50Kg division and went on to become the 2009 -50kg Canadian judo champion.

Having won the Canadian championships in Calgary Alberta, This qualified Matthew for the junior world’s competition which was going to be held in Budapest Hungary. Through this process Matthew was able to train with the Canadian Olympic team and met all of Canada’s top judokas. This was one of his greatest learning experiences to date.

When Matthew came back to Ontario he received an award from Judo Ontario for 2009 Most Outstanding Achievement U17 male. He attributes his success to both his hard training schedule and his father’s coaching and instruction. It was shortly after this that he was awarded his first degree black belt (Shodan).

While he still trains for competitions he has continued his training for instruction as well as pursued a higher level of NCCP (National Coaches Certification program) Judokaa Martial Arts has been the perfect environment for him to pursue both ambitions.