Chief Instructor
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  • Location: 165 Garrard Road, Whitby ON - Judokaa Martial Arts

Current Rank: Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt Kodokan Judo)
Current Rank: Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt In Free Style Judo)
Current Rank: Brown Belt Japanese Jiu Jitsu
Current BJJ Rank: BJJ Purple Belt
Current Rank: Green Belt Tae Kwon Do
Current Rank: Free Style Judo Instructor
Current Rank: BJJ Instructor
Favorite Technique: Nawaza Submissions
In Judo Since: 1972
NCCP / Referee Status: 831771 Level 3 NCCP certified.
First Aid: Level “C” with Infant CPR and sport first aid with wrapping and taping courses

My parent’s keen insight into Martial Arts allowed them to give me the “second greatest gift,” the introduction to the great sport of Judo at the ripe age of 11.

As a first born young boy growing up in the early seventies, my parents recognized the value of signing me up in an activity or sport that not only kept me active and fit, but also taught me safety skills, like how to properly fall or protect myself, while learning the values of drive, discipline, and commitment, and all while having fun.

I was hooked and took a very serious love to the sport. While much has changed since the seventies, Judo has remained much the same.

I trained steady over the next several years and continued doing judo with many different schools and many different sensei’s. This is another great thing about the sport of judo: there are many schools as judo is also the second most popular sport in the world and is practiced by more than 200,000.000 judoka’s both males and females worldwide – a student can train throughout their entire life anywhere in the world.

After I graduated secondary school in 1980, I moved to Elliot Lake in which I became the assistant instructor and was actually the highest belt in the club, a blue belt at the time. In 1981 I fought in a shiai in Timmins and beat several black belts, I was promoted to the rank of Brown belt at that very shiai.

I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1984 and started the “Canadian Forces Base Calgary Judo Club,” which I ran for 2 years before I moved back to Ontario. During my time in the armed forces, I designed a form of combat Jiu Jitsu at the request of the Base Commander that was so successful that it was integrated into a physical training program that was taught to all the members of the LDSH (RC) Lord Strathcona Horse Royal Canadians.

It was a great experience and I learned that Judo and Jiu Jitsu are very practical skills and are at the highest levels of self defense, much of which I employ in my current martial art’s self defense training programs.

Judo and Jiu Jitsu techniques, unlike many other forms of martial arts, can be practiced at full power and strength because part of their training program is teaching a person how to fall and roll out of techniques that would otherwise injure your partner.

After returning to Ontario, I took up teaching children Judo and went for my Black belt in 1995. I ran the children’s judo program for three years at Kiichi-Sai Judo Club in Whitby, and had went full circle as it was the founder of Kiichi-Sai Judo Club that I had first started Judo with back in 1972. Sensei Bill Gribben was my first sensei and he was one of the greatest sensei’s I have ever had to date. His skills with the kids were second to none and I know he worked as hard on those kids that were never going to be fighters as the ones that just might become world champions.

I ran children’s judo programs in other judo clubs as well over the next 10 years or so while my two sons Robbie and Matthew started fighting in many high level tournaments. My son Robert won the IJF (International Judo Federation) held in Warwick Rode Island in 1996 with 37 kids in his division, and my youngest son Matthew won the Canadian U-17 All Canada Judo Championships held in Calgary in 2009.

From 2006 to 2009 I took on the task as a provincial coach for the judo club I was teaching the children’s judo program at, and also took on the task as one of Judo Ontario’s managers to manage the Ontario Senior Judo team at many of the inter provincial level tournaments. This was great as it gave me a ring side seat to watch my club fighters as well a coach my son Matthew.

My son Matthew also won Most Outstanding Achievement U-17 for 2009 as handed out by Judo Ontario. We are now training the next generation of Champions for the podium.