Whitby’s Judokaa Club Brings Home 11 Medals From Brampton

Whitby’s Judokaa club brings home 11 medals from Brampton
COMMUNITY Oct 13, 2013 Whitby This Week

Judokaa medals

WHITBY — Fighters from Whitby’s Judokaa Martial Arts brought home 11 medals from a Brazilian jiu jitsu competition in Brampton. Pictured, from left, front row: Mathew Serrano, Arista Marania, Maya Hingco, Hibah Tahir, Stavro Klironomos, Evan Scott; back row: chief instructor Kevin Ausman, Miranda Marania, coach Ryan Hingco, Jordan Del Vecchio, Jayden Scott, Xavier Cortez, Rizwan Tahir, Antonio Santos, Ali Salem, coach Jeff Santos and coach Arthur Marania. October 10, 2013 – Submitted photo

WHITBY — As Judokaa Martial Arts continues to grow, so too do the impressive results.

The Whitby club recently sent 13 fighters to the GTA Classic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament at the Brampton Soccer Centre and came home with 11 medals. The event draws competitors from all over Ontario and Quebec.

Jordan Del Vecchio won gold for Judokaa, while Xavier Cortez, Arista Marania, Miranda Marania, Mathew Serrano and Jayden Scott took silver and Logan Balayo, Maya Hingco, Antonio Santos, Evan Scott and Hibah Tahir bronze.

Hibah Tahir had a great match only to lose by a single point, while Miranda Marania also had some exciting fights. Rizwan Tahir fought hard but was not able to place and Candice Driscoll had to step out with an injury.