Judokaa Martial Arts



Our students come from all over the Durham Region and many come to all four classes offered each week. Many of the students tried a class and were hooked right from the start.

Some of our students also followed us when we moved back in 2010 from a different judo club which to us is a great complement. Our club is also very involved in community events and last year we did the grand 5year anniversary of the Giant Tiger in Oshawa which saw the club raise over $800 for our fighters and we also took part in the Brooklin Fair Parade.

Judokaa Martial Arts often honor the parents and the kids in the club with pizza parties and other events that make us more than just a judo and Jiu Jitsu club. We plan to enter the Santa Claus parade as well in the coming year and we often do demo’s in the community in which our younger students get to show their stuff!

Not convinced? Come and try a week free and talk to the other parents about our club. We not only encourage it but know that word of mouth is why we have been so successful to date.