Judokaa Martial Arts


Assistant BJJ Instructor Renato Ferrini



About Assistant BJJ Instructor Renato Ferrini

  • Current Rank: Brown Belt under Brian Beauchamp in BJJ
  • Favorite Technique: Submission Fighter
  • In BJJ Since: 1999
  • NCCP / Referee Status: Working on level one Dojo Assistant
  • First Aid:


Notable Achievements

  • 1999 Started BJJ
  • Trained right out of Brazil at Team Ryan Gracie & Team Roberto Godoi Jiu Jitsu



Renato Ferrini came into Judokaa right directly from Brazil. Renato was looking for a great fit club for himself as well as his younger son. It was a great fit right from the very start and his level of BJJ right from the start was amazing. Renato continues to push his skills in competition as well as coaching every chance he gets.

Renato is amazing with the kids and many of the kids in the club really like his coaching skills and fighting skills alike.

Renato fought in several leagues in the state of São Paulo, university championships and national championships in Brazil. Renato had great results such as vice champion in the Paulista championship and university championship.
Renato was associated with BJJF (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation).

Renato is a great fit for Judokaa and we are very proud to have him with us as a BJJ Instructor