Judokaa Martial Arts



When Sensei Kevin started Judokaa Martial Arts he took the incentive at the very beginning to implement as many policies he could to assure the students in the club were protected to the best of his ability. Having worked in the security industry for the past 20 years, he knew what needed to take place.

Judokaa instructors have been carefully screened and include many of the following qualifications to enhance your experience police background checks, first aid, CPR as well as sport first aid and NCCP training.

In 2011 many of the policies Judokaa had started with this club were adapted by Judo Ontario and now many of them are routine measures required to be a club listed with Judo Ontario. Know we do everything possible and if at any time you see a way to improve on this please let a Sensei know.

All instructors that work with anyone under the age of 18 have had police background checks done within a 2 year period and are available to any parent that requests to see them. All background checks are kept on file by the Chief Instructor and can be requested at any time.

We at Judokaa believe that we should and do everything possible to assure the children in our classes are in good hands. Police background checks are a very good start and will remain one of the first levels we can do to assure a high standard.