Reviews of Judokaa


Reviews Of Judokaa

One of the web sites on the internet that we don’t have any control of what people post had these things written about the club. While its nice to see these things posts about services on the web have become had to know if they are real or not.

I know most of these writers as they are members and we offer the full week to come and talk to the other parents. Here is the web site location for Judokaa look for the reviews listed below.

Reviews of Judokaa Martial Arts

This page shows Reviews & Testimonials of Judokaa Martial Arts in Whitby, Canada. 17 Reviewer rated Judokaa Martial Arts as Very Good. Read detailed reviews below.

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Average Rating:  Very Good (17 Reviews)

Quality of Instruction: Excellent Other aspects:Excellent

17 out of 17 Reviewer recommended Judokaa Martial Arts.

Not like any school I have seen

Oct 21 2016 by Brad Baine (Parent of a Student with 3 – 6 Months Experience at this school)

Quality of Instruction:Excellent Other aspects:Excellent Recommended:Yes

I brought my three kids into this school to try the self defense done on the Friday nights. I was so impressed I signed up all three kids. Its a well structured program and the training is second to none. Not only was the head instructor a black belt in judo but I was told he also holds a purple belt in BJJ.

Glad I tried this school I was told about them through a friend that has kids in the program great referral!!!

Great School, expert instruction in both BJJ and judo

Oct 01 2016 by Vanessa (Parent of a Student with 6 Months – 1 Year Experience at this school)

Sensei Kevin is a great instructor in both judo and BJJ. While the BJJ just really started a few years ago sensei Kevin has continued to train and is now a purple belt under 8 time world champion Brian Beauchamp.

I saw a review below and was not surprised to hear the person writing it was caught teaching outside the club with only a green belt in judo and asked to leave the club. I trust Kevin with both my girls and was recommend to the club by another very happy parent.

This club goes way beyond to assure the kids are safe and they have never beat around the bush about being safe before winning medals. With the kids medals mean nothing anyways its the respect and training that means everything.

Our sensei continues to train even though he teaches 5 days a week and in my books that’s amazing. Want a great club that’s safe and not about the money or the medals I highly recommend this club.

The judo program has a competitive program for those wanting to push the kids but most of the kids are very happy learning self defense and just great martial arts!!!

Awsome School HIGHLY RECOMMED!!!!!

Sep 26 2016 by Nancy (Parent of a Student with 1 – 3 Years Experience at this school)

Quality of Instruction:Excellent Other aspects:Excellent Recommended:Yes

I brought my son to this school a year ago with a very shy attitude. Sensei Kevin was not only able to get him on the mats the same night but has changed my sons attitude in school and at home.

I had tried a couple other schools and all they seemed to be about was winning medals!! The instructors here are about the kids not medals.

Great Safe Martial Arts for all Ages

Sep 13 2016 by S White (Parent of a Student with 1 – 3 Years Experience at this school)

Quality of Instruction:Excellent Other aspects:Very Good Recommended:Yes

Judokaa Martial Arts and Sensei Kevin are the best for kids and adults, the program is fun and us parents can also get a membership to Platinum Fitness and work out while the kids do their class, great fitness for the whole family

Quality Instruction, Caring Instructors

Jul 27 2016 by CA (Parent of a Student with 1 – 3 Years Experience at this school)

I would highly recommend Judokaa Martial Arts to everyone, especially those who want high quality instruction coupled with encouragement in sportsmanship and respect for the sport!

Sensei Kevin is constantly training and developing his already high level skill which he generously brings to all his students. The kids have fun while progressing consistently.

This is a great place to train regardless if your goals are competition, self defence skills, confidence building or simply to be fit and have fun. All goals are supported and developed appropriately by the instructors!

Great club for kids of all abilities

Jan 27 2016 by Lindsay Gurr (Familiar with the School , No Personal Experience at this school)

The Grandview Children’s Centre parasport group visited Judokaa Martial Arts in 2015 and we had an amazing experience. Sensei Kevin‘s passion for sport and teaching kids made him very receptive to training Grandview Kids. The club was very welcoming and accommodating it was truly a terrific evening. We were also blown away with the students he had helping out on the night of our activity with the club. We participated in a judo class with other judo students that were kind and helpful. They welcomed our group without a second look and treated our kids as equals and when necessary they worked with them to troubleshoot the exercises so they could do everything safely. We had a great time tumbling around on the floor and learning a bit of judo and at the end of the evening the whole group was beaming! It was an uplifting and inspiration night. We liked them so much that we are going back with our new group of Grandview Kids in 2016!

Amazing dojo! Highly recommend!!

Apr 07 2015 by The D’s (Parent of a Student with 6 Months – 1 Year Experience at this school)

Quality of Instruction:Excellent Other aspects:Excellent Recommended:Yes

After searching for a club for our children to learn martial arts we found Judokaa and I am so glad that we did! Sensei Kevin is a knowledgeable, talented, dedicated and patient teacher. Under his care I have watched my children flourish in both their physical abilities as well as their self confidence. I highly recommend this club to anyone wishing to learn BJJ or Judo!

Fun and great instruction!

Apr 07 2015 by student (Active Student with 6 Months – 1 Year Experience at this school)

Quality of Instruction:Excellent Other aspects:Excellent Recommended:Yes

Great club 5 stars! Recommend to everyone! Sensei Kevin and the other coaches are great and are very helpful!

Judokaa Makes a Difference!

Apr 07 2015 by Believer (Parent of a Student with 1 – 3 Years Experience at this school)

I put my son there for Judo initially at age 10 and has seen exponential growth on his Character, Discipline and Self Confidence in addition to his Martial Arts Skills. I cannot think of any other Club or Sensei who will invest more of his time and personal resourceful for the betterment of the kids first and preservation/promotion of the discipline than making money out of it. My son, who has special needs, now attends both Judo and BJJ programs!

Role Models for your Children

Apr 07 2015 by Steve (Parent of a Student with 1 – 3 Years Experience at this school)

When searching places to either train or enroll my children to train, the most important thing for me is integrity. I have, over the past 2 years, witnessed many examples of Sensei Kevin demonstrating kindness, integrity and patience. He has always shown professionalism and concern for the welfare of his students. The club is growing and will continue to do so because great care was obviously placed in developing a culture where young minds can exercise, learn trust, receive discipline and develop valuable life-skills. I recommend the club to anyone!

Family fun and hard work

Apr 07 2015 by Good judo (Active Student with 10+ Years Experience at this school)

This club is the way to go nothing but happy kids learning Martial arts from a great instructor keep up what your teaching and keeping having fun

Priceless opportunity

Apr 07 2015 by Zebraf301 (Active Student with 1 – 3 Years Experience at this school)

We’ve been with the club for ages. It’s a great place to help you raise your children to be the best versions of themselves. It gives people the nudge they need to face their fears, and grow beyond what they’d imagined for themselves. My kids are in great shape, and are very competent at holding their own against an attacker. It’s also a great place to help keep adults fit, healthy, competent fighters, and coming back every class for more. Can’t beat the prices. Countless very exciting opportunities to train with the worlds greatest martial artists. Kevin listens. When people have problems, say at school, or work, Kevin listens, and works with each student to help them overcome their challenges.

A great place to start your child in Martial Arts

Apr 07 2015 by M Sheppard (Parent of a Student with 1 – 3 Years Experience at this school)

Our son has been studying judo for over two years now, starting in the “Little Warriors” program and moving up to the Intermediate class. We are continually amazed at Sensei Kevin’s patience with the younger kids, which he manages to balance with teaching the discipline required for a Martial Art. He places a strong emphasis on safety and on responsibility with every activity.

While he does encourage the kids to move onward and upward and to be more competitive, he understands that many are content to practice and learn and grow for the sake of their own development. The kids also learn through the various activities and practices that winning isn’t everything – a lesson that will pay dividends later. When I compare it against youth karate programs which seem to be all movements and no sparring, the Judo program would appear to have the greater value.

A great place to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Judo

Apr 07 2015 by Scott b. (Parent of a Student with 6 Months – 1 Year Experience at this school)

My two sons started at Judokaa just over 8 months ago with almost no training. The goal was like many, to exercise, learn discipline and self-defence. With Kevin’s coaching and the help of others under his guidance, not only have my boys met what we set out for, but they have competed in several tournaments. The experience at the club has forever changed the direction of our lives. The club offers an incredibly friendly atmosphere that encourages those who compete and wholeheartedly supports those just training.

A great place to call your second home

Apr 07 2015 by spider monkey (Parent of a Student with 1 – 3 Years Experience at this school)

My kids have been and continue attending this school (dojo) since 2012, I’m extremely happy with the programs Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he has proved my times to be and continues to be a great instructor, he’s has helped my kids in so many different ways, examples: self a steam, discipline, confidence and 2 Martial Arts that has and continues to teach them how to defend them selves in a non extreme violent way as most other Arts do so, so happy I was with Sensei Kevin Ausman I decided to join my self and learn two of the greatest Martial Arts out there. As for Sensei Kevin Ausman teaching in the Military and competing well I can not comment on that as I never attended the Military nor did I train Martial Arts at that time, I would take his word for it as he has never given me a reason not to believe in him, my advice to anyone try it your self and make your own decision.

Fabulous dojo-Fabulous coaches

Apr 07 2015 by Patti (Parent of a Student with 1 – 3 Years Experience at this school)

My son has been training at Judokaa for just over two years (he is now 6 yrs old). Kevin and the other sensei’s are supportive, caring, helpful and simply excellent with the kids. I don’t know who wrote the negative review below, but I have never seen Kevin be anything other than 100% approachable and respectful of the kids and the parents. Kevin does this out of a love and respect of judo/bjj. I have already referred two other families to Judokaa Martial Arts and will continue to do so!

Great school best kids club!

Apr 06 2015 by Scotty (Parent of a Student with 1 – 3 Years Experience at this school)

Great school top instruction? Best kids club by far

Lots of black belts best judo and BJJ for kids in Durham region