Whitby Judokaa Delivers in Judo & Jiu-Jitsu


Martial arts club brings home medals from Toronto, Ottawa

COMMUNITY Nov 08, 2012 Oshawa This Week

Whitby Judokaa delivers in judo and jiu jitsu

WHITBY — Members of the Judokaa Martial Arts club who performed well at recent meets in Toronto and Ottawa included, from left, front row: Arista Marania, Maya Hingo, Matthew Serrano and Jordan Del Vecchio; back row: Arthur Marania (coach), Sara Snider, (coach) Xavier Cortez, Mateo Valles, Miranda Marania, Candice Driscoll, Alyssa Miniotas, chief instructor Kevin Ausman. November 2012 – Submitted photo

WHITBY — Students from Whitby’s Judokaa Martial Arts attended two different tournaments in two different styles recently, and brought home similarly impressive results.

Judokaa had nine fighters attend the 2012 Tournament of Champions judo competition at Seneca College in Toronto, and eight returned with medals.

The next day in Ottawa, five of six fighters returned with medals, and four of them gold, from the 2012 Ottawa Open Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament at Carleton University.

At the Toronto judo meet, Arista Marania and Candice Driscoll finished first, Mateo Valles, Alyssa Miniotas, Miranda Marania, Sensei Ryan Alexander and Maya Hingo placed second and Jordan Del Vecchio was third.

Arista Marania, Maya Hingo, Xavier Cortez and Matthew Serrano were the gold medallists from the Ottawa BJJ meet, while Mateo Valles took silver.