The first thing we’d like to say, and we say this a lot, is that a belt only holds up your pants. Sometimes too much is placed into what colour a person’s belt is. We at Judokaa push very hard to get a student to their yellow belt as now in Judo, a person is not allowed to participate in many events unless they have a yellow belt.

We have put in place a stripe system here at Judokaa, in which a student must get three stripes on their white belt before advancing to the yellow belt. It trains a student on how the belt system works, and by the time they reach their yellow belt, they understand how the line works.

We provide many print outs in the Members Area that help with techniques and belt promotions. We also believe very strongly in a student knowing the proper names of every technique. This gives our students an advantage over fighters that are not taught the proper names.

Judokaa has a very high standard, but we back it up. Even in our first year, we took many awards, and continue to be a challenge at any event we take part in. Much of this comes from Sensei Kevin’s military background, however, he has toned it down to work in a kid friendly environment.

Judokaa is very active in the tournaments, and these tournaments help bring our students through the ranks much faster.